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Lifestyle Shift Could Open Fort Lauderdale Investment Opportunity

When you recall how thoroughly public confidence was shaken during that last financial meltdown, you probably also remember how reluctant most people were to presume that Fort Lauderdale real estate values would rebound anytime soon. Those who saw nosediving property values as nothing less than a great buying opportunity were in the courageous minority—even though a cool-headed review of the history of home values’ ups and downs made such a conclusion pretty safe.

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Facts Argue Why Fort Lauderdale Listing Now Might be Shrewd

 If this is going to be a year of upsets, the rules for when Fort Lauderdale listings are best initiated might be primed to fly out the window. There’s no guarantee that 2017’s Fort Lauderdale listing performance will bend the rules, but if the National Association of Realtor’s® news site is right, it’s a definite possibility.

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Real Estate Quiz has Unlikely Answers for Fort Lauderdale Residents

One reason why Fort Lauderdale real estate commentators like to offer quizzes is to make readers feel good about how much they know. Being that Fort Lauderdale homeowners probably do more than an average amount of reading about Fort Lauderdale real estate matters, you would expect that any real estate-themed quiz would succeed in creating that kind of warm, positive experience. 

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Asking Price Decision is Crucial for Fort Lauderdale Home Sellers

For more than a year, it’s been the happy trend across the nation for the average DOM (days on market) for residential properties to have been declining. It’s a “speed of sale” measure—one that most Fort Lauderdale home sellers hope will reflect that it won’t be long before they are handing the keys to happy new owners.

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For Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Agents: Not Something for Nothing!

Sooner or later, all children need to be warned about the fallacy of something for nothing. It’s an important lesson and a milestone. Very little ones are too young to be exposed to the idea that when they grow up, they should automatically examine the motives behind anything that seems to be offered for free. Until then, it’s one of the joys of parenthood to enjoy shielding the innocence of their kids for as long as possible. But sooner or later, for their own good, the basic lesson from the adult world has to be learned: outside the family, there’s no such thing as a free lunch

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House Hunting in Fort Lauderdale: Bad Weather Version

Showing a home in bad weather might seem to be a blueprint for disappointment, but sometimes that’s not what happens. Of course, prospective buyers do find that house hunting in Fort Lauderdale is easiest when the sun is shining, but homes continue to be bought and sold in every season, and sometimes bad weather can even prove to be advantageous.

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How To Get the Lowest Fort Lauderdale Mortgage Rates

When it comes to negotiating with Fort Lauderdale mortgage lenders, there is a perfectly legal way to bribe them into seeing things a little more your way.

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Fort Lauderdale Sales Eventually Come Down to Evaluating an Offer

Once we have marketed your Fort Lauderdale home successfully, there follows the delightful interlude during which the eager buyer awaits your response to his or her offer. It will be 100% delightful if, in evaluating the offer, all details are as you hoped and expected. But many times, evaluating an offer results in more than a simple “Yea” or “Nay”—the details can be crucial:

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Is There Really a Best Time to Buy a House in Fort Lauderdale?

 Many of us who call Fort Lauderdale home find that the beginning of the new year serves as a useful benchmark. This is when it’s easiest to collect the bygone year’s household bills and receipts and stash them in the drawer, box, or envelopes marked “2016” to be revisited at tax time. Once all the holiday ornaments are safely stored for next year, it’s time to embark on the coming year with a refreshed outlook and energy.

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